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It starts with a tickling feeling that turns into itching, and in just a few days, it becomes a full-blown head lice infestation. Every year, approximately 6 to 12 million children in the United States alone suffer from head lice infestation. How will you protect your child and your family?


TheLicePros.com offers the best lice removal products and services in Chicago and the surrounding areas. We are the “go-to” experts when it comes to safe and non-toxic head lice treatment. Our hundreds of clients can attest to our 100% One-Treatment-Only guarantee!

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Know Your Enemy: The Lifecycle of a Head Lice

A common problem for kids, head lice are wingless insects that feed on minute amounts of blood taken from the scalp. They live among human hair and can multiply in an alarming rate. Although lice are not dangerous, their bites can irritate the scalp and cause annoying itchiness.

Lice removal can be frustrating as they are highly contagious and can have various hiding places within the home. Don’t wait for lice to pass from one person to another; the earlier you deal with a lice problem, the better your chances are of getting rid of these parasites swiftly and effectively.

Egg or Nits. Lice eggs or nits are can be seen as tiny dots, usually colored brown, tan, or yellow. They are usually found close to the scalp and cannot be removed by brushing. Once the nits hatch, the shell turns white and remains attached to the hair strand.

Nymphs. A nymph is a newly hatched louse that is almost invisible to the naked eye. It becomes an adult after 12 days.

Adults. Colored tan or grayish-white, the adult lice typically lasts for 28 days and can lay up to 4 to 10 eggs daily—ensuring continuous infestation if not treated.

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All our products are non-toxic because we want to give our clients lice treatment and nit removal options that are safe for the whole family. Browse our online inventory that features the following products:

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At Midwest Lice Specialists, Inc., we are very proud to be a top Head Lice Treatment Clinic in Illinois and Northwest Indiana. We serve the far south and west suburbs of Chicago including the counties of Cook, Will, Kendall, Grundy, Kankakee, and Lake and Porter counties in Indiana.

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Summer Lice Tips for Moms

Kids are getting excited around Chicago and Northwest Indiana as the school year draws to a close. What's better than being out of school for the summer and playing baseball, going to summer camp, or just hanging out with friends? Unfortunately, head lice don't take a summer break. Whether your child is planning to attend summer camp or engage in sports, we have a few summer lice tips to help you enjoy a bug-free summer!

First off, if your kids are going to camp it's important to have their heads checked for lice before going, and after coming back. Camps don't allow those with an infestation to attend, which would be hugely disappointing for your kids! However, camp is the perfect environment for those pesky bugs considering the number of children who will be congregating in close proximity. This is why checking for lice after camp is over is important too.

While you might not give it a thought, the sharing of helmets by kids when playing baseball or softball is another way lice can spread, so be cautious and watch for any signs of those little buggers. If you do suspect a head lice infestation, seek treatment right away.

Summer break is a fun time for kids of all ages, however an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! We recommend you take steps to prevent head lice by using products those critters find offensive. Midwest Lice Specialists offers a variety of prevention and treatment products called Cootie Control Lice Products which includes shampoo, conditioner, and other natural, non-toxic products to help you prevent lice!